Return Policy

If you wish to return or exchange your items, please follow our guide below.

Step 1 - Create a Label For both returns and exchanges, we need the purchased products to be transported back to our warehouse. You can easily create an online label at, which can be used to send the items back to us. This process does not require a printer; you just need access to your email inbox, where you will receive a QR code that you can show to the GLS parcel shop. It is important that you choose to deliver the package to the parcel shop at Kousgaards Plads/Østergade 13A in Herning, Denmark

Step 2 - Please Include a Note To ensure that our warehouse has complete information about your order, please attach a small note or letter stating your order number and what you would like to happen with the contents. It could look something like this: Order: 40863 - We would like to exchange the belt for a size large. Order: 50738 - We would like a full refund for the entire order.

Note: If you are sending the package with PostNord or DAO, it is important that you choose to send it directly to our address and not to the nearest pickup location or parcel shop. We do not collect returns and exchanges from parcel shops.

Our return information is as follows:
Address: Østergade 13A, 7400 Herning Denmark
Att: Arox Fitness
Phone: 21716275